Anthem on 12th


Anthem on 12th is a chic apartment located at Seattle’s First Hill. The apartment offers incredible views of Mount Rainier and a desirable list of community amenities that can be enjoyed by the residents. Creating a clear and effective wayfinding system would help the residents navigate to their desired facility hassle free.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Wayfinding Strategy, Visual Design

3 Weeks | Concept Project



With Level 1 being in between P1 and P2 level, residents find it puzzling. Furthermore, they always mistook the Fitness Center to be in Level 1 instead of P1. Therefore, a clear, simple and graphical approach of a wayfinding system would be installed on each floor showing arrows to the leasing office, gym and also direction of room numbers. Adopting their identity style as well as colors would aid as a guideline in creating a coherent signage.


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