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West 4th Avenue has been Vancouver, BC’s preferred destination for shopping and services on the city’s West Side. This is an academic project where I had to design an E-Commerce store that aggregates multiple retail stores on West 4th into one online experience. The 3 stores that I chose were two Baby stores and one Maternity store

(Hip Baby, Crocodile Baby & Destination Maternity).


Designed the website's overall UX process and UI


3 Weeks | Concept Project


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Users would shop online for baby products at separate stores. When a brand actually sells both baby/maternity products, the selection is very limited. Users would end up going to separate brand sites to look for more sizes/styles.


Aggregating 2 baby and 1 maternity stores into one

E-Commerce experience where all the products can be purchased under one platform.

The Design Process

User Core Needs

After a series of research, analyzing data and planning, I was able to synthesize core needs from the users


Users felt that being pregnant or having a baby is very expensive. It would be beneficial for them to be well aware of their necessities as and to be updated with promotions to minimize spending.


Pregnant moms feel insecure about their looks and everchanging bodies. I had to keep this in mind when providing design opportunities that would help pregnant moms regain their confidence. 


Discovered that approximately 63% would shop baby/maternity products for themselves and as a gift. This has help me have a different approach on categorizing the products.


Some motivating factors when shopping online include intuitive user experience, free delivery & returns, price comparison, and product variety. This has helped me prioritize features that would make a good online experience for users

Proposed Solutions


Promotional prompts and banners

Based on my user research, I found out that customers are drawn towards online promotional deals and banners, with these features, users are well informed about the promotional deals that would eventually help boost the sales of the stores.



Stocking up on maternity/baby products can be costly, many users would prefer to save up and buy products that are most useful and necessary. The Essentials section would gather store picked products that are needed for pregnancy and post-labor stages.


Styling Tips

Many user experiences insecurities with their changing pregnant bodies, they are not sure on how to style their looks, with some styling tips provided, users can feel inspired and purchase items that are currently being featured


Gift Ideas

For users who shops as a gift, having a Gift Idea section would greatly conserve time for those who have a hard time deciding on which items to purchase.


Price Comparison

Users will be able to compare and contrast products and would assist on making a purchasing decision that is suitable for their budget.


Package Tracking

Many users shop online due to their trusted shipping and return benefits. By having a visually engaging tracking package, users would be able to track their shipment and potentially increase their trust with the business.


This is my first ever individual project where I really dove into conducting UX methodologies to get to know my user base. If I was given the chance, I would love to be able to dive in deeper on the user research with interviewing more users and getting more of their insights. This was a really fun project to work with as being a 23-year-old female with little knowledge of being a mom, I definitely learned so many things about what to expect during pregnancy and having kids. I also learned the importance of how successful a product can be if the product is catered towards their needs.


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